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these fucking white boys at my school have a clash of clans club and they all ordered matching sweatshirts with the name of their clan i am done


I just watched the most satisfying Clash of Clans attack on my village. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance.


My followers should get clash of clans then join my clan so we can all go kick ass together and be a supportive it’s called sinoxide message me or something so we can play

turdsnstuff asked: Can you shout out my clan? FAT BASTARS 1k trophies Only 3 spots left!!


  -  8 April


clash of clans is ruining my life



I should have. Never joined clash of clans. I get personally offended whenever some one raids me.

Anonymous asked: Hey can you please give a shout out to my clan! clanamaniacs !! we just started this clan because we are dedicated and looking for people to donate lots and recieve lots!


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