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clash of clans needs to be renamed “raid my village and i’ll raid your bitch”


so my boyfriend made a clan on clash of clans and named it “scary poptarts” he sounds like a 12 year old scene kid someone send help 

projectapollo asked: Is your defense style set up as farming?

Personally mine is as of right now because I’m saving up for some items. Usually I would not though :)

  -  21 April
Clan Valhalla

This is a new clan in need of members.  Valhalla with a purple flag.  Leader is Smiley.  Would appreciate the shout out for our clan it’s a nice group and active members.  All are welcome to apply.  Hope to see some of you join and stick around. :3

  -  21 April

dopekicksandcakemix asked: Can you give my clan a shout out? It's Panthera Lupus


  -  21 April


these fucking white boys at my school have a clash of clans club and they all ordered matching sweatshirts with the name of their clan i am done


I just watched the most satisfying Clash of Clans attack on my village. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance.


My followers should get clash of clans then join my clan so we can all go kick ass together and be a supportive it’s called sinoxide message me or something so we can play

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