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Anonymous said: Hi! If anyone is looking for a good clan, you're welcome to join "Lost Kings". We're seeking loyal, and active members. We try to have war twice a week as well. Thanks!


mr-dr-profess0r said: Hey shout out please Allovit we're 5/0 in wars and we are very active and donate often! Dragons and Witches galore!

More clans!

  -  15 July

andrlzr said: Can you give my clan a shout out! Join "Da Tiggas" clan! Leader is Elibrando. We are a very loyal and active clan! :)


  -  11 July

Anonymous said: So what are you doing right now?


playing clash of clans // texting kelsey


omfg some guy Alex attacked on clash just joined our clan and I can’t stop laughing.

  -  11 July


my brothers give me a hard time for playing sims and animal crossing and now theyre playing clash of clans which is almost exactly the same concept what the hell

Maybe you should play too….


I wonder if being president is just like playing Clash of Clans.


Why is it that I’m better at budgeting my gold and elixir in clash of clans than I am at budgeting my money in real life?


Make people stop raiding my village on clash of clans, I work hard for that shit!!

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