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lexxiilou said: Shout out to my clan please. G.D.O.D


thadonut said: Hey if anyone wants to seriously build up and be a legitimate clan. Tell them to join Natures Ninjas

Seriously. Join.

assplunder said: Hi I just made a clan and need more members. Do you think you could promote my clan "the argonauts"


basketballpro33 said: Hi. Me and my friend started second accounts and and have just made a new clan. We are a very small and crap clan but we need the help of other to build it up. We are 'Sons of Brah'. Please join to help us become a great clan.

Please join!

fvdedvndworn said: Could I get a shoutout for my clan "$partan$"? Looking for Level 60 and up. We've won 19 Wars! Look for me "sheocnr"

Go gooo ^

Anonymous said: I'm Currently looking for new members. Clan name: Why Phy (Work hard yes Play hard yes) Motto: Death before dishonor Decent clan, just say "Lemons" in the description to join.


Anonymous said: Hey! Just started a new clan! Called nolemercy! Join, we will try to have wars every three days, and will donate anything you need!

Go go

Anonymous said: Hi! If anyone is looking for a good clan, you're welcome to join "Lost Kings". We're seeking loyal, and active members. We try to have war twice a week as well. Thanks!


mr-dr-profess0r said: Hey shout out please Allovit we're 5/0 in wars and we are very active and donate often! Dragons and Witches galore!

More clans!

  -  15 July

andrlzr said: Can you give my clan a shout out! Join "Da Tiggas" clan! Leader is Elibrando. We are a very loyal and active clan! :)


  -  11 July
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